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Who's raising your children?

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A friend bought a vinyl cutting machine, so that he can put scripture verses on people's car and van windows. Here are the crown of thorns vector, a lighthouse vector, and the Ephesian armor vectors that he requested. Below is a Pilgrims thanksgiving vector, to use on a sign for our front yard.
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Corel vector, version 8
Here is a project similar to the thick cut-out sign on another page. This one will be more practical to many, as it's planned to fit on the standard 18 inch by 24 inch real estate type sign. Blanks and stands are readily available in many places. Of course, to use these as bitmap clipart images, I'll need to make the other 9. Sign makers with software can use the vector and put in the other wording. Ten commandments stone vector.
svg vector (Inkscape)
vector of wooden plow. Vector for "...having put his hand to the plow..."
Here's the one for darker backgrounds. Use this for windows, dark colored vans and signs.
Use this image for the parable of the sower; in Matthew chapter 13. This vector is to make a dark image on a light background. There is another one like it to the right, for dark backgrounds.
svg vector (Inkscape)
Corel vector, version 8
svg vector (Inkscape)
Vector of man sowing seed. Christian sign making vector.

I'm now making most clipart with the SVG file extension. These files can be made and edited with a free program called Inkscape. It's powerful, and I recomend it. My more recent clipart can be seen at the Inkscape free gallery: Go Here

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Calligraphy vector that says "If we deny Him, He also will deny us".
Corel draw vector
SVG File
This image is not yet available as a vector file (man what a project). It is, however, available as a larger bmp file, just click here
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first clipart page
Corel Draw vector
Here are some praise icons that I made as a proposal for a church, but they never got used. So have at it, have fun. If I get time, I'll separate them, make them more usable as jpeg images, but for now, you'll have to alter them as vector images. You can do more with a vector anyway. These will need some modifying to be used for sign plotters, but not too much. Praise icons, Christian praise icons, praise vector icons.
A warning about meth use, meth will ruin your life. Meth warning vector file for making signs, printed material, and web pages.

Burglar vector, hooker vector, streetlight vector.

Meth Warning vector

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A Bible verse from Proverbs; "How much better is it to get wisdom than gold." Wisdom vector file, gold coin vector file. Proverbs 16:16 vector.

Proverbs wisdom vector

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The two images at the right are to show you what two free vector files at another site look like.: free cabin cruiser boat vector clip art, and free piano or organ bench vector clip art.

Free piano or organ bench vector clip art

Free cabin cruiser vector clip art

Free old Ford dump truck vector

Free Taxi garage bulletin vector

Free ratchet strap vector

Free paino dolly vector