An observation in the movie "Second Hand Lions"
A conversation with my brother in law:
BIL: Have you seen the movie Second Hand Lions?
ME: Yeah.
BIL: What did you think of it?
ME: Well. er, um, it had some things I liked.
BIL: Did you catch the message?
ME: Not really...
BIL: What was portrayed as bad in the movie?
ME: A few things I parents, we monitor a movie scene by scene...there was glorifying of violence, the fight scenes you know.
BIL:Most adults I've asked said it was Walter's mother. But a child I asked said it was that the two men killed themselves at the end. And he was RIGHT. The movie is about SUICIDE.
ME: Really?
BIL: Yes. Think about the scenes. (Described below) Notice how at the end the sheriff calls, and they are in agreement about how preferable their death was?
ME: You're right, and that scene is also at the beginning of the movie, for emphasis I guess.
BIL: You're right.
BIL: If you watch the movie again, with this in mind, you'll see it very clearly.
BIL went home, took notes, and here they are. I am in complete agreement with him in his asessment. Read the notes yourself, see the hidden message.
The numbers denote the time that the comment occurs.

Uncle Hub: ȁWe're a couple of 'has-beens' talking about the past.”
Uncle Garth: “Gardening is what retired people's good for to be 100.”

Uncle Hub: ȁYOU live to be 100.”
Uncle Garth: “A man's body grows old but his spirit is still young and restless”

Jasmine has been promised by her father.
Jasmine wants to kill herself rather than marry the 'bad' sheik
“...we garden...we have outlived our time.”
“I'm old and worn out.”
“...never set foot in an airplane...they're plenty dangerous.”
Uncle Garth: “Did you ask about Jasmine yet?”
Walter: “No.”
Uncle Garth: “Well, you had better make it quick.”
Walter: “You have to stick around till I'm a man, to give me the whole speech.”
Uncle Hub:“I will write it down.”
Walter: “If you don't stick around, we'll all miss you.”
Walter: ȁ...on a few conditions. 1.You two have to agree to stay until I'm through high school, at least. Preferably through college. 2. No more dangerous stuff...(like fighting with young people and flying airplanes.)....
Uncle Hub: “What do you expect us to die of, old age?”
Sheriff: “It's a blessing they did not suffer. It's a blessing they went out together.”
Plane wrecked/crashed upside-down in side of barn
Sheriff: “Two 90 year old men...went out with their boots on.”
Walter: “Yeah, they really lived.”

Notice how at 1hr:36m:53, a curse is described as a blessing: "It's a blessing they did not suffer"
I'm convinced that the adversary doesn't drone on with a long lecture, but rather, will use an entertaining song, movie, or other medium to deliver a single message.

"..we are not ignorant of his devices" 2 Corinthians 2:11