Plot, run plotter from free software
Just a F.Y.I. about using free software with older plotters. I am impressed with Inkscape software, it has resolved problems that other well known software could not work on. However, even if I save files with the DXF-desktop cutting file extension, I couldn't get a plotter to run them. But if I save the file with an Open Office.Org draw extension, and open in OO Draw, then I'm able to draw a file with an old HP pen plotter, and am able to cut vinyl with a Roland Camm 1 24" plotter. The trick for the Roland is to (in OO Draw) mofify>convert>to curves the text, and leave the line thickness at 0.00. It might be that the HP could take a line width of 0.01, can't remember the test right now.Open Office is also free software, and I have been learning the options and features. It's probably not as sophisticated as Inkscape, Corel, or Illustrator, but it has done what I've needed for simple vector files for plotter-cutter machines.
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