Welcome to Prayer Patrol. Your area needs prayer, use these ideas.

These categories are what have occurred to me as I was driving around. You can probably think of more to use in your prayer life.

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1. People. Emergency vehicles, pray that the Lord will help those that need their services. You see a mother with children, pray that they will be provided for, that they can have a clean, Godly home without lewd magazines, television, videos or other forms of communication. You see a house with a lot of cars parked around, pray that the gathering will glorify the Lord, that it won't degrade into course jokes.You see construction workers, thank the Lord that they have work, pray that they find favor in the eyes of their superiors, that they have strength to do their jobs, and wisdom to do the work right the first time.
2. Evidences. You see a vodka bottle laying next to the road, or some lewd graphiti painted on a wall. You don't know who put it there, but God certainly does. Proverbs 15 says "The eyes of the Lord are in every place, beholding the evil and the good" Consider those evidences like a cry coming from the soul of a person in the desparate nihlism of our day "Please pray for me"
3. Strategic. This is thinking and praying for your own area as a place where you want the Lord to intervene. You tell others what your praying for, so they too can bring those issues befor the Lord Jesus. Some examples are: A new ministry starts up, and you pray that the Lord will use them to do his work, and be true to His word. You pass by an older church, pray that they would return to to His word, and not teach liberal theology.You pass an are where it is reported to have a lot of crime, pray that The Lord would intervene. You pass a bar that features women dancers who are not properly dressed (to say the least). Pray that it will be closed, that the owners would repent and turn to Jesus for a new life. You see a new business go in, pray that it will prosper and employ people. Pray for the good, and against the bad.
4. Communication. All around us are forms of communication. I'm communicating to you now. Pray that the managers of the outdoor billboard company will won't display porno lite ads showing closeups of fit women, to advertise a gym. Pray that the newspaper won't display the porno lite ads of women's undergarments (being modled). Pray for the managers of the radio stations when you pass their offices or towers. Schools are a place where a lot of communication goes on.

5. Goverment. Pray for those in office, that they would makke right and Godly decisions.

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A couple more ideas:

The driving prayer: This one is REALLY important. Most of the times that I have a "near miss", I realize I didn't pray this prayer. I ask the Lord to keep me safe while I drive, to let me be a good driver, to keep others safe from me. To not be aggressive, to not look at women the wrong way, to not be a bad witness.

The cleaning prayer:

The other night, I was cleaning a surface, preparing it for paint. I prayed that God would clean this land, the U.S.A.

The gift prayer:

This I do often, if someone has given me an object as a gift, or left it around for whatever reason, I pray forthat person everytime I see the object.