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Fun and basic perspective drawing lesson
Here's a fun and easy basic perspective drawing lesson. each little drawing to the left is a scaled down version of an 8.5 inch by 11 inch piece of paper, so it works pretty well to use that size paper when doing this, just fill the whole page.

Let's get started. In drawing 1, I've made a line across the page. The lines here in this lesson are especially dark, so you can see them well, but you'll be better off doing very light lines. Reason being, they'll be easier to erase later. In fact, when I teach children to draw, I start with that very admonition: light pencil lines. I call it question and answer drawing. The light lines are the questions, after everything is done and in place, then we can darken some lines, that's when the questions become answers. Anyway, next add the two dots you see in drawing 2, these go on the line you drew before, it is the horizon line. You may have heard of two point perspective, well, that's exactly what we're doing, this is the real deal.

In drawing 3, you acn see two more dots are added. Make light lines going to the two dots, as in drawing 4. Next, in drawing 5, we add 4 more dots, then, in drawing 6, we conect the sets of dots as shown. Also, add that dot in the sky, but be careful about its placement, it will be the peak of the roof. In 7 we're adding more lines, and in 8, the roof. Think about parallel. In 9 I add a couple windows, in 10, a road and mountains. Be sure to have a gap in the mountains for the road.

Drawings 9 and 10 show the essence of two point perspective, that is, everything you add to the picture, be it a door, more windows, telephone poles, all will align with one of the two perspective points on the horizon.

Ok there you have it. Erase the lines you don't need, darken the others in, an ultra fine maker (sold at most stores) works well. Another thing, I often use cheap 4 or 5 dollar copy machine paper for working with children, but if you want paper that won't bleed on the edges of your marker lines, lay out 8 or 9 bucks for the better copy/fax/printer paper. The white is whiter, and a lot less bleed from pens. After the pen dries, color it in!

fun and easy basic perspective drawing lesson, free