Tennessee Clipart Club!

The images on this page were all drawn by the children of one family in East Tennesse. A parent takes the child or children out with a digital camera, and we get a picture. Then we crop it and make other needed adjustments on our computer at home. Next, we take the image on a flashdrive to Fed Ex-Kinkos, and rent their computer. We send the image to a color laser printer to have a color copy made. This saves the very expensive ink in the printer at home. Then we take the picture and draw a likeness on paper. This is scanned into the computer, and posted on this site. This sounds like a lot of work, but it's really a fun way to do stuff together, learn about art, and maybe even promote the local economy, and community pride. It is hoped that other families will do the same, and the resulting clipart can be shared.

Other pages on this site, all work is original.


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Who's raising your children?

Update: I just found out that the local public library also makes color copies. Much closer!
This is the Kern's bakery on Chapman hwy, near the Henley St Bridge. Both drawings are by a 9 year old girl. The top one is unsupervised, the bottom one is with assistance.
The Henley St bridge, drawn by a 6 year old girl.
To the left is a barn that is on West Union Valley Rd, in Seymour Tennessee, USA This was drawn by a 4 year old girl, with some guidance. To learn more, go to another page on this site, How to teach a child to draw #2.

In order to understand the teaching method, it would be best to also see How to teach a child to draw #1

Staurday December 22nd, 2007. This was one of our afternoon art projects. It's an old schoolhouse on Boyd's Creek Road, in Sevier County, East Tennessee. The above rendering is by a 7 year old girl, with close instruction. The one below is by her 6 year old brother, who sat listening in, without the close guidance.
Clipart doesn't have to be limited to famous landmarks right? Saturday afternoon, 1/26/'08, I got out a microscope I bought at a flea market. I decided to look at some diatomaceous earth. I found these little round objects, each with a hole in the middle. I then drew what I saw, this is the picture at left. I guess what happened was that since the little object was suspended in water, between two pieces of glass, the light passing through the center hole was broken up, like a prism. Interesting sight, the children were busy with other stuff, so they saw it, didn't draw this one.