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There is something about the look of overpasses and other large structures that I really like. This overpass is in Knoxville Tn. I think it's Middlebrook pike where I-40 crosses, near Western Avenue. It's like huge sculpture.
A view from Sevier county Tennessee! Not a typical view, with the daily concerns, meth heads, and brown lawns in the summer, but scenes like this can be had...for free! There is a fire tower no longer used by the state, open to the public. It's on the end of Bluff Mountain nearest Sevierville. This picture was taken with a little 8 mega pixel camera. A great outing with the kids, one we always take out of state visitors to this area on. There's bound to be interesting scenes around your area, so get the camera, take the kids out for a few shots, and share the pictures with others.
This building is in Sevierville Tn. It used to be a gas station. The windows have scenes of the surrounding area portrayed in them as gray reflections.
Trolley building
Bug wing
Worth noting is that this wing is clear, like a small fly, not like a moth.
This picture was taken by my daughter by herself, no assistance. I helped her to edit the image in Corel Photo-paint. Fine software for doing this sort of thing. We cropped it to size, adjusted the size, transparrency, and soft edge settings for the airbrush. then, we used the airbrush tool to add a little highlight along the cat's ear nearest the pony, and to cover some faded areas on the metal gate where the paint had faded down to the primer. The colors for the airbrush tool where selected from the picture itself, with the eyedropper tool. She's very interested in horses, so it makes this other learning stuff fun and easy. Really fun and easy. We're using Corel version 8, but I saw version 10 on ebay the other day for $15. Also, there are some very effective freeware progarms to download. Lots of fun folks, and the kids learn computer literacy to boot!