Israel Vector Map
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Here's a bmp image to show you the map. By clicking on the little link below, you can download a vector file (Corel) of this map. The vector has no color, and as you'll notice no labeling of cities, bodies of water, occupied areas, etc. The intent of this map is for people to be able to draw out the map with a pen plotter (or newer device), then have students or children mark the location of cities, label features, and color areas in. A good and fun way to learn about Israel. Also, a good reminder hanging around the house to pray for the peace of Jerusalem.
Most folks don't have a pen plotter setting around, ready to draw files for them. However, if you wanted a big copy of this drawn out, it's likely that you could take the vector file of this map to a sign making shop, and they would draw it out. Size is limited only by the machine, even then, one could section it to get a bigger map.