Looking for: lighthouse, crown of thorns, ephesian armor, thanksgiving pilgrims, and more? Click here for vector clipart page 2
Vector clipart for plotter/cutters
Creation clipart Question evolution clipart
Before the snow was brushed away, the aluminum leaf showed through like this. I don't know if white paint would have done the same.
To God Be the Glory clipart-To God Be the Glory vector clipart
This is how I used the vector file. I cut it in paint mask, made a too fast leaf sizing (wanted it to be compatible with clear coat) and applied imitation silver leaf from the art store.

The files on this page are rather flat and lifeless, but with careful color selection, and/or creative medium overlap, you can make some interesting signs and vehicle graphics.

Unused bible clipart- dusty bible clipart-backslider's bible
Repent license plate clipart
A license plate idea. Shows up really well.
Prayer Patrol clipart Prayer Patrol logo
Bible fellowship clipart-Bible study clipart- study meeting clipart
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