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What is the gospel?..northern version
I now live near Knoxville Tennessee, I moved here from California. There, I could tell people about Jesus most places I went. The gas station, the grocery store, lots of places. When I came here, it was different. People were bothered by the mention of what he had done, if they were sober anyway. Twice I had drunken men start to preach to me in reply to my witnessing. I mean really drunk, slurred words and all. They were a step away from falling down. One of the sober people said not to tell him about it, he went to church on Sundays. Another dismissed it with “my papaw's a preacher”. Later, I was in the church goer's store, and saw pornography on the wall.

At any rate, if I start witnessing to a fellow Christian, it should be met with a pleasant acknowledgment that they too know the Lord. Anything else is suspect. Think about the following statement: No religion is better than false religion. I don't mean partial religion, where a person knows part of what God wants them to know. I mean trusting in something that won't save from hell and give new life. It can be trusting in a effect, not a cause. Going to church is an effect of being saved. Not cussin' or getting drunk is an effect of being saved, same with giving to charity. But they aren't the cause. The reason no religion is better than false religion is that the non religious person might at any time realize their condition before a holy God, and become saved. But the false religion person won't think about the gospel, because they're already have something to trust in.

It's like an inoculation, where doctors give a patient a weakened version of a bacteria, and the body develops a resistance. Or, like a placebo, a pill that contains no active ingredients, but the patient doesn't know that. What I see are people that call themselves Christian, but live just like the world around them. They watch the same wicked TV shows and movies. They send their children to the same schools. They have little concern about divorce and remarriage. The have the same amount of debt. They wear the same clothes. They have abortions. They view lots of pornography. Your church should be railing against these things, and kick out people that won't repent. They probably don't, but somehow, showing up there weekly makes you right with God? Not so.

Here is the gospel, as I understand it: The amazing things around you were made by God. He has also revealed himself in the Bible. This is a collection of books containing prophecies that have come true. The biggest message of the bible shows up in many of its books. That message is that all people have sinned, and separated themselves from God. The only way to be reconciled to Him is by being born again. This is to count the cost of being a Christian, it's your whole life. It means quiting sin (which He will help you do), and having a new Christian life. You ask God to forgive you, believe that when Jesus died on the cross, he was paying the penalty for your sins. This believing part is really important; some people mistakingly think that believing God exists is good enough, but the devil believes that. Believing is faith, it's to trust that God will keep His promises. He promised that if you will trust that Jesus died in your place, and confess it with your mouth, you will be saved, saved from hell, the penalty of your sin.

If you planted corn, and weeds came up, you'd know that something went wrong. If you “came to the alter” to receive Christ, or said the “sinners prayer”; but you live like the rest of the sinners, then something is wrong. Jesus said that you will know a tree by it's fruit.