Political Vector Page

Here is your chance to be creative, to flex your communication skills and calculate tactics for reaching the masses. These images can be made into T-shirts, signs, web pages, and more. Images will be provided in common file extensions, including SVG, which is the what Inkscape Free software uses. That way, you can alter the image or text yourself. For information on what a vector file is, read this.
CDR vector
SVG vector
These images are deliberately simplified, this is one of those instances where it's easier to complicate than simplify. Download a vector file, then take it to a sign maker, printer, or T shirt shop. Or use Inkscape to change the color of parts, and change the words to suit your thoughts.
Corel Draw vector
SVG vector
In loving memory, the U.S. constitution, put it on your vehicle window-constitution vector file-use with plotter / cutter machines-make signs
Corel Draw vector
SVG file (baby only)
Future generations sold as collateral-debt baby vector file-economic stimulus and the children-use this to make signs, T shirts, and more
Corel Draw file
SVG file
Republicans want socialism lite-socialism lite vector file
svg vector file
Political vector file about abortion issue. Another instance of preying on the defenseless. Third trimester abortion vector file. Use this to make signs, T-shirts, posters, internet sites. Denial of abortion horror. Land of Choice.
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Atlas vector ai
Atlas vector svg
Atlas vector Corel
The media is lying to you, so are the government, the schools, and the liberal churches. Communism death vector. Television indoctrination vector. It's making you soft in the head...turn it off, throw it out, or at least make people watch it out in the cold garage.
Gavel vector svg
Judicial activism vector, gavel vector,
Gavel vector cdr
Commie media vector ai Commie media vector Corel
Commie media vector svg
Two edged sword at work: this clipart was originally about the government people that check up on this website, and other sites run by radicalized persons.

But upon reflection, why am I spending time being concerned with misdirected government hounds? I don't have bigger fish to fry?

Sorry no vector file for this yet, will put it up ASAP.