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Here you'll notice 3 pictures of Knox Tenn Rentals on Central Street in Knoxville. I recently was doing some work near this location, and rented scaffolding from them. The scaffolding worked great, easy to put together, a nice sturdy bit of equipment while working. They have a wide variety of equipment to rent, air compressors, lifts, power tools and more.

In front of their store I noticed the parking stop. Upon closer examination, I saw the little rungs welded on. I asked about it inside, and was told that those were from back (way back) when horses were tied to the rail. I was doubtful, but they insisted it's true. My skepticism is lessened by a few things: the construction for one thing. I've enlarged and lightened part of the original picture, it's hard to see, but the top round bar is made into the upright supports. These days, it wouldn't be made that way, it would be box tube steel welded on top of the supports, not cut into them. The fabrication is careful, rounded, and smooth. Still, I couldn't figure out how it would last so long, then it occured to me that the top bar is probably solid. Yes, about 2.5 or 3 inhes thick. I tapped on it with a hard object, and it does sound solid, a long time metal worker freind says he will look at it.

What's interesting is how things were made back then. I've heard of wooden chairs intended to last a melinium. An employer wouldn't allow this kind of work these days. Was their idea of investment-return different than ours? Was the overall economy different? This is worthy of serious contemplation and investigation.

Near to the Knox Tenn Rental is Service Awning Co. Above, you can see a picture of their store front. Look at the lower right part of the picture, you'll see two white dots. The taller picture is a detail of what those dots are. A stalactite and a stalagmite forming at the corner of the building. Proof positive that the store has been there a THOUSAND years!!

That, or somebody's dating methods are wrong. If you go by this store, and the sidewalk has been blasted clean, no doubt a zealous Darwinist felt compelled to intervene.