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This is one of the signs for a new tattoo shop on Chapman highway, south of Knoxville Tn. I was so impressed that I went in and talked to the owner. It turns out that he painted this on a piece of particle board (e-gads). One of the last substrates I would choose, save for cardboard. The reasons being roughness of the surface, and limited outdoor durability. However, this is under a substatial eve, and the roughness worked to his advantage, in terms of artwork. Not only do I like the style of the artwork, but I like the quasi human robot.

Excelent work, bravo.

Farther south on Chapman highway, at the Macon Crossing shopping center in Seymour, I was driving through the parking lot, and noticed the front of the Yamato Japanese steakhouse. What caught my eye was the wood frame work across the front windows. This runs the entire lenght of the restaurant, and has special frames for an open sign and the hours sign. A large project of great craftsmanship. I had to stop and see what it was made of, wood, metal, or plastic. It's wood, all carefully arranged.

As I got closer, I noticed this stunning moth hanging on one of the frame pieces. I had to get a tripod for the camera, and put it on the window itself. I left two of the legs short, and the third, which went down, I extended, so that the tripod and camera were right above the moth.

Is this moth the hand of a designer/artist/creator, or the product of random chance over millions of years?