My dream job: Christian vehicle graphics as a ministry............

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My name is Jim, I'm a sign artist. Most of the signs I make are commercial signs for local businesses. Being a Christian, I would like very much to make more scripture signs and Christian vehicle graphics. Most of the people interested in having these scriptures and graphics are of the same financial strata that I am, we are working to support the family. Paying for vehicle graphics is a difficult expense to cover.

I have considered several models to enable me to do this work full time. I'm not commited to one in particular, and, there may be others I haven't thought of. One idea is to have churches hire me by the week. They could have me work on their church vans or busses, or, have me work on vehicles owned by individuals. These vehicles would be driven daily, and have the church name as sponsor.

Another idea is to have a residence and shop donated (continued)

for my use while doing this ministry. I wouldn't need to own the property. This would free a large part of my time. It would be nice to have an arrangement that makes the property mine after so many years, but these details are beyond specifying here. As a family, we raise a few dairy cattle, and study agriculture. An old farmhouse with barn would be very ideal.

Another possibility is to sell the jobs to Christian truckers at full price. It might be that they have the wherewithall to afford it, but my guess is that they have increased costs without increased compensation, and there's little extra cash laying around.

Another idea is for an existing ministry to include this work as part of their outreach. This arrangement would be possible if they handled the paper work. Otherwise, I'm back to square one, as it is now, I spend a trying amount of time on sales proposals and the like.

Christian truckers' graphics. My dream job. I've painted a number of RR boxcars, this is a ministry I'm quite capable of, and looking forward to.
On this page are some of the Chritian vehicle graphics I've already done. To the right is a proposal for a van, which would include verses from Romans Chapter 1. I have contemplated vehicle graphics in a comprehensive way, and think that Christians should produce the most visually pleasing, intelligent, well crafted work in whatever field they are engaged.

If you have any ideas regarding the furtherance of this work, please contact me, Jim Donahue, Sign Guy Thank you for your interest.