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An interesting old wall sign in Knoxville Tn, in the lower part of Electrical Wholesalers, at the corner of Central and Broadway. If I recall, I was told that there was a cafe there, this interior location has preserved the sign VERY well.
A pen drawing I did of the operating steam locomotive along the waterfront. Rides are available to the public, charters also. Contact 3 Rivers Rambler for details.
This is a picture of a vector drawing I made with my daughter. First, we took a digital picture. Then, in Corel Photo Paint, we cropped it to include only relevant detail. Next, we made a white page the same size as the picture. Then we copy and pasted the picture onto the white page. This allowed us to make the picture semi transparrent, which is easier to draw over. Next, we imported the picture into Corel Draw, and made a layer above it to bezier draw on. After a lot of work, this is the result. The plan is to have a 36 inch wide by 62 inch long HP blueprint plotter draw it out big. Then we can paint it on the wall, make a sign, whatever we feel like.

We saw this tug on a working day, on the Tennessee river, near UT. I'm pretty sure it is owned and operated by Britton Bridge Company.

Folks, there's neat-o pictures all over the place, just waiting for you and the children to get a great shot!

A building that many in south Knoxville are aware of, the Old Camel Factory. What many don't realize is that construction was started in the late 1800's, and completed in the early 1900's. It was originally built as a "hospital for the colored insane".
This is a portion of a marble plaque on the building. If I recall, it's about 3 feet wide, and 4 feet tall. It's hand carved, the skill of those old artisans was incredible. The plaque tells some detailed history of the building's origin.
This view shows a portion of the top floor, about a third, maybe only a forth of the area. This is probably where the patients were kept, as the lower floor is all concrete, more drab. These floors are typical of the time, very select grain wood, very nice. The angle iron work is riveted together, not welded. A really neat old building.