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This sundial is at the entrance to a subdivision on Old Sevier Pike, in Sevier county, East Tennessee. It's between West Union Valley Road, and Boyd's Creek Hwy.
Drawings of the sundial by two of my daughters
A drawing by one of my daughters of the Park House, in downtown Knoxville Tn. It is the second oldest residential building in Knoxville. It has been bought and restored by G&O railroad, to use as their offices. There are old hand hewn beams in the basement, as well as some very old window panes. The remodling added maps of historic Knoxville stained into the concrete floors, with a high gloss finish applied over that. Very nice.
Gulf & Ohio Railroad has their main repair facility here in Knoxville. They do some heavy repairs, including engine rebuilding, electrical work, wheel lathing and more. This picture of #3614 was taken just after all repairs and painting were done
Here is a picture of the operating steam locomotive called Lindy. This was rebuilt here in Knoxville, according to the new stringent FRA regulations for steam locomotives. At one point, the boiler jacket was removed, and there was a grid of squares drawn all over the boiler. Every single square foot had to be ultrasound tested to pass inspection. The restoration was a very big project.